Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekly Sales Report

Sitting on the reception desk this morning as we entered the office meeting was one of those huge water jugs full of "Sweat Tart" candies. Halloween's over, and it's not quite Valentine's Day, so what's the story? There's a bowl next to the jug asking for your business card with your best guest of how many candies there are written on the back. Oh, that game...last played at my baby shower, but that was M&Ms in a baby bottle. Anyway, we went on with the meeting and discussed the past week's activities.

At the end of the meeting, a representative from Cornerstone Title Company walks up to the front and grabs the jug. He is ready to announce the actual total and the proud winner with the closest guess. He first predicted that the average guess, as he had tallied them all up, would be very close to the actual number. His point was that if we work as a team we can come up with the answer. He had eliminated the highest and lowest guess which gave him an average of 756. The actual number of Sweat Tart candies in the jug was 753. We are much better as a team, and we encourage you to use our resources.

Now for the week's activity. Two thirds of the homes that went into escrow this past week only received one offer. The other third received multiple offers; three was the maximum number on any property.

Very few escrows closed this week, which goes right along with the slower activity we saw mid December. Of those that did close, two thirds went under the asking price and the other third went over.

The tour of new properties for the week was very encouraging. It included a cute house in Miraloma Park, two single family homes in Noe Valley, a house in Potrero Hill, and a condo with wonderful views in the Twin Peaks area. For specific listings in any neighborhood, please contact us and request one of our Buyer's Questionnaires. After you have filled it out we will have a clear idea of what you are looking for, and we can get those listings to you as soon as they hit the market.

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