Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meant To Be

It seems that life generally has its way of working things out. It is not always easy to see in the moment, but sometimes you just have to trudge on through and trust that clarity will find you. A bit too much for a simple thing like buying and selling houses? I don't think so. We talk a lot about the numbers; averages now versus then, when the market will bottom out, and when the best time to buy will be. The truth is, none of that matters in the end. Numbers only matter if you are buying and selling only for investment purposes. If you are looking for a home it is a completely different ballgame.

Buying a home is a very emotional process. There is a lot of money on the line, and you are looking for that unexplainable connection that makes you want to make a house your home. It is tough to find and once you do you can't always have it, especially in a market like San Francisco. You may be outbid, or somebody else gets there first, or you may simply not have a meeting of the minds with the seller.

Anja was hosting an open house earlier this year in Potrero Hill when a wonderful couple walked in and really seemed to fall in love with the house. Well, maybe one of them liked it a bit more than the other, but they spent quite a long time in the house and were so serious about it that they called in an architect to see if they could make a few changes without too much of a problem. They thought that with a few simple changes they could really turn the home into their dream house.

After talking to the architect, it seemed that the simple changes were not so simple, and not so cheap. Making the change would have thrown them way over budget, and buying it without making the changes would have sacrificed their vision for their home. Anja agonized over what to tell them because they did love the home; she was worried to tell them to pass it up for fear they wouldn't find another they liked as much.

In the end, Anja always tells it like she sees it, which is why our clients love her. She told them not to buy it, and she assured them that we would find something even better. She hung up the phone and we crossed our fingers. Timing was on our side. Just weeks later the perfect listing came up. I mean perfect! It was in the right neighborhood, the right size, the right floor plan, the perfect view! Did I mention the right price?! It was only a tiny step above the first one, and they would not have to change a thing. They were ready, and they jumped in head first. They had to compete with one other party, and after a day or two of negotiating they finally got it! We sat with them the other day on their wonderful sun drenched deck that overlooks the bay and had a coffee.Wow! It was really meant to be, and they couldn't be happier. You have to go with your instincts. Even more importantly, you have to trust ours!

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