Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weekly Sales Report

Although the bulk of our meeting today was taken up with the lively words of a motivational speaker, we did manage to get in a few facts about how sales went this past week.

There were 21 Escrows opened this week, and only a quarter of them were multiple offer situations. This is down quite a bit from the last few weeks; it had been holding steady at about half.

14 Escrows closed this week; only two sold over the asking price. Three sold at asking price, and the other nine sold below asking price. This should be good news for you buyers.

As we enter October, a typically strong month for San Francisco real estate, it is starting to feel even more like a buyer's market. I was excitedly telling everyone in September that there were a lot of great properties to choose from. I am starting to change my tone a bit as the downpour of inventory that hit the market in September has lessened to a trickle. We are working with a lot of buyers who are just waiting patiently for the right property to hit the market. Get yourself ready, get your team together, and start looking! That way when the right house comes along you are ready to submit your offer.

The speaker in our meeting today talked a lot about belief systems. Believe it, and it will happen. Does that translate to home buying? Why not! Just believe that you will find the right house. Visualize yourself and your family living there. See yourself entertaining your friends in your new home. How does it look?

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