Monday, October 29, 2007

No Pressure

There is one thing that stops us from doing the things in life that are important to us...FEAR! We think about things for a long time; think about doing them, how it will be, what will happen, how it will all play out. Thinking about it seems to be much safer than doing it. Thinking is the first stage. Next comes talking about it. Once you've decided, after thinking about it for awhile, that you actually want to do it, you first need to talk about it with everyone you know. That makes it more real. Now you have talked about it with your friends and family, maybe you can put the wheels in motion.

The point is, making major changes in life is scary, and sometimes our fear takes over. In terms of real estate, whether you are a buying or selling, there are certain action steps you can and should take preliminarily that will put you on the road and may help ease your fears.

Buyer Fear: Committing to a Realtor

It seems that buyers have decided that you don't need a Realtor until the eleventh hour. The fear, I believe, is that you will feel pressured. Our motto is that we would never push you to buy; we will push you to be ready should the right house come along. Being ready means obtaining your pre approval from a lender and staying informed by a Realtor. In the end it means that you have professional and informed people in your corner; that shouldn't be scary!

Seller Fear: Not getting the price I need

Again, being informed by a Realtor is your best weapon. Invite us over to look at the comparables in the neighborhood. That will give you a realistic idea of the value of your home. Also, you may be overwhelmed by improvements you want to make before putting the house on the market. We would be happy to walk through your home with you and prioratize work. Tell us what your fix-it budget is, and we will tell you what will give you the most bang for your buck. If you take these things one step at a time, it is not nearly as overwhelming. Lastly and most importantly, once you've done the work and looked at the data and put your house on the market, you have the right to accept, reject, or counter any offer. You are the boss; we are only there to advise. We are willing to walk away from an offer if it is not what you are looking for. Are you?

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